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Terms and Conditions

Bulky Household Waste Collections (excluding Garden Waste & Hardcore)

1. The collection of household waste items will be carried out following receipt of the correct payment, as specified for the current financial year.

2. One or two persons must be able to lift and carry any household waste items with due consideration to manual handling regulations.  Note – for heavy or large items i.e. more than 5ft x 3ft please contact the Office prior to payment (as site visit is likely prior to collection).

Please be mindful when placing porous items such as sofas and mattresses outside prior to the day of collection as items may be too heavy to collect if waterlogged.


3. For collection to take place, household waste items must be outside the front of the property i.e. front driveway/front garden or communal bin areas only. For communal bin areas, please contact the office (in office hours) on 01277 312500 to ascertain suitable area to leave item(s) prior to payment.


4. The Council will not enter into private premises and is not liable for loss or damage to goods and property.


5. All collections will be carried out on Thursdays at any time between 7.30am - 3:30pm. Please note that if the payment is received after Monday, the collection will be made on the Thursday in the following week. Brentwood Borough Council cannot be held responsible for items being collected by a third party in advance of your special collection.


6. The collection day may be subject to change as a result of:

i) Public Holidays
ii) Operational issues

7. This contract can be terminated by the householder prior to the collection being made or by the Council should the householder not comply with any of the requirements as listed 1 to 5. Termination may be made in person, by letter or email. On termination of the contract, the collection charge paid will be refunded to the householder.  Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise admin fee will be charged.


8. The Council does not accept liability arising through breach of agreement, misrepresentation or otherwise and the aggregate liability shall not exceed the charge for collection.

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