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Please be aware of the following information when submitting your report:

1) Recycling, Food Waste & Refuse are collected on a weekly basis. Glass and green waste are collected every two weeks. Please consult the online My Property for further information regarding your specific collection schedule.  
2) Recycling, Food Waste & Refuse must be placed on the kerbside at the front of your property at 7:30am on the correct collection day (collection times may vary).
3) Refuse will only be collected from a wheelie bin if it is contained in a standard size refuse sack.
4) Orange sacks must be in clear view and not contained in a receptacle/wheelie bin/dustbin.
5) All glass bottles and jars should be placed in your red box.
6) Missed collections must be reported on the day of collection or the following working day. We aim to collect any missed waste and recycling by the end of the next working day.


Please provide us with some additional detail regarding your missed collection.
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Date of Missed Collection
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Time refuse / recycling was placed in front of your property
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